Yaseen Miah

NameYaseen Miah
Hometown Barnet


YaseenYaseen Miah

Age – 17 years old

Position – Central Attacking Midfielder

Where does he live – Barnet

What is his hobby – Computer Programming, gaming and social life

What is his favourite food – T-Bone Steak

Who is his favourite player – Emre Sahin (Istanbul Sessizler and Turkey National Team) – He is the one who made all the clubs look like an amateur in DCL Aargus. Such an excellent player and received the award as the best player of the tournament. He is a man to watch!Yaseen 1

What is his current team –

St John DFC (2014 – Present)

(41 goals/25 assists)

What silverware did he win in past five years –

BDF Plate Final, DCL Runners Up, EJA League U16

What are his best moment with his current team –

DCL Futsal in Spain and DCL Football in Denmark

YaseenWhy do he want to be part of GB Deaf Football Team –

“I want to become a part of GB team because I feel that my skills and experiences have prepared me to be a considerable force in the football competition.”

What is his inspired sport quote –

“Look in the mirror… That’s your competition”

“That’s the beauty of sport. Sometime you laugh, sometime you cry”

How do he feel about getting an opportunity to go to Poland and play in Deaf Euro 2016 –

“I am too exciting, happy and honour to playing for my country. I am extremely hungry to get the trophy. “