Harry Potter

NameHarry Potter
Hometown Bristol


Harry PotterHarry Potter

Age – 19 years old

Position – Winger/Central Midfielder

Where does he live – Bristol

What is his hobby – Kicking the ball as I never leave the ball alone!

What is his favourite food – Pasta with mushroom and ham

Who is his favourite player – Iniesta – Wow, I always learn the way he play in the match because I always want to be like him, watching him playing in the game and try to copy and learn his skills! He is just my idol and an amazing player! He just know what he is doing.

Harry PotterWhat is his current team –

Bristol Deaf FC (2014- Present – 7 goals)

What silverware did he win in past five years –

EDF Plate Runners Up (2016)

FA Disability South Cup – Reading DFC (2015)

What are his best moment with his current team –

“Scoring hat-trick against Black Country in EDF Plate Final 2014!”

Why do he want to be part of GB Deaf Football Team –

“My dream is to present my country and do them all proud including myself, I always want to play for G and now there I am standing wearing GB badge above my heart! I couldn’t feel so proud! I just cannot wait to go and play with GB team!”

What is his inspired sport quote –

“Every time I step onto the pitch, all my trouble goes away. The only thing that matters on the field, is the beautiful game.”

How do he feel about getting an opportunity to go to Poland and play in Deaf Euro 2016 –

“The feeling I have of getting an opportunity to go to polar and play in Deaf Euro 2016 is just amazing! I can’t even describe how exciting I am! It’s feel like my dream came true to get picked to present my country, I’ve always want to do that since when I was little boy. And there I am here now playing for GB U21! I couldn’t be any prouder! I will make you all proud! Thanks for all of your support!”