As way of saying a big thank you to all our sponsors and supporters, we want to highlight the great work done by you, to help the GBDF Women team to prepare and participate in the 2016 Deaf  World Cup in Italy. It is a fact that we would not have brought home the bronze medal for Great Britain without you.

We are not going to list all sponsors and supporters here but we know who you are and we will always be in your debt as this has allowed the team to focus predominantly on preparing for the tournament without having to fundraise the money.  

The Crowdfunding Appeal at the start of the year gave us a great platform and a special mention to Jack Butland as his generous donation certainly put us on the map. We should not forget all the sporting celebrities who helped us with the appeal through their appeals and donations, from Mark Sampson, Lucy Bronze, Maria Carney, Neville Southall to name a few. A big supporter for us is the legendary comedian from Scotland – Frankie Boyle. This is a British team with players and officials from all 3 countries of England, Scotland and Wales, and this support is reflected in this as well.

Given the amount of money needed to raise, our fundraising campaign never stopped and as we were preparing to fly out to Italy in June, another generous donation came from the James Milner Foundation which was a real bonus. In addition to the crowdfunding and private donations, GBDF Women are indebted to the various individual and team sponsors as this provided a sizable portion of the funds needed to go to Italy. Our sponsors ranged from football clubs to companies to individual families and friends. Details of our various sponsors can be found here under the individual players.

A special mention should be given to Toal Systems ( who were a team sponsor and as part of the package, their logo was printed on our white training tops.

While the campaign for the Deaf World Cup is over, a new fundraising campaign will be starting soon for the next tournament, the 2017 Deaflympics, in which both women and men teams will be attending.




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