Great Britain Deaf Men’s gathered together for first time in training after selection from the trial in December. GBDF Men’s trained together at Brentford FC Training Ground with their new management team, Dean Humphreys (Manager), Anthony Adams (Assistant Manager), Mark Saunderson (Head Coach) and Luke Bryant (Analyst). The team trained hard on their skills, fitness and tactics before travelling to Samsun in Turkey to compete in Deaflympics 2017. Following the next day, GBDF Men’s trained in the morning before a friendly match facing Bedfont and Feltham FC.

GBDF Men’s comfortably defeating Bedfont and Feltham FC with a result of 7-1. Jamie Clarke scored a hat-trick in space of 10 minutes in first half while Danny Rea scored a double with both Gareth Dolan and Oliver Manoochehri tally a goal each. John Atkinson saved a penalty just after the second half underway. Many supporters came to see GBDF Men’s first friendly match together and enjoyed the display of great performance between both teams.

Dean Humphrey’s, GBDF Men’s Manager, statement:-

“I was quite pleased with my team who won comfortably against Bedfont and Feltham with the result of 7 – 1. However, the result does not mean anything to me because it is the performance which is priority to focus on towards Deaflympics 2017 in Samsun, Turkey. There are couple things we needed to polish up and improve from the game. We, as a team, have learned that our opponent team, Bedfont and Feltham FC, had more possession than us. But we have played a lot better with exciting counterattacks and a lot of beliefs in each other on the pitch. Our management team was very pleased with the players and staff who had very good morale and spirits from our training weekend at Brentford FC training ground. This helped us a lot better with discipline and preparation on and off the pitch through the weekend. We have shared our discussion and feedback ready for our next training weekend in Bolton on 11th/12th March 2017. We will be playing against Kevin Davies and celebrities team on Sunday 12th March 2017 and all the supporters are welcome to watch! More details will be on our Great Britain Deaf Football Page on facebook or twitter. Many Thanks to all of you including my GB management team making our weekend in good preparation and good spirit! We all keep our GB flag high and aim for Turkish Gold!

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Match Highlights

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