Statement by Dean Humphreys

I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to be appointed as your new GB Men’s Team Manager. Naturally, I will genuinely enjoy taking on the new challenge to steer GB towards the podium at the 23rd Deaflympics at Samsun, Turkey 2017. Honestly, the majority of you will know that it is the hardest job in the deaf sports world.

I have already been showered with several compliments from the GB Management, GB players, ex-GB players, families, friends and supporters; this has already boosted my confidence! One fan hinted that I could bring the GOLD MEDAL back to our country. Obviously this will be our aim and I believe we have the players with talent, passion, temperament and belief to just that.

From today, it is my job to find the right blend of players and my utmost priority would be to encourage the GB team with a higher degree of discipline, professionalism and attitude for I firmly believe that they are key attributes to that of an elite footballer.

My mission is to make Great Britain great once again, and also show that we are the best team in the world. To ensure this, we must be ready for the Deaflympics but it is vital that we can count on your support.

For your information, if you either feel you have a have the required attributes/skills to play for GB or reckon you spotted a player with the required attributes/skills to represent GB, please don’t be afraid to contact me via

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