Why do Great Britain Deaf Football need financial support?

Great Britain Deaf Football are self-funded and do not receive any help or support from the Football Association or the Government. Therefore, we rely on charitable donations/sponsorships and kind donations from outside support.

All coaches, managers and physiotherapists who work with Great Britain Deaf Football are volunteers, and to date, no one has been paid for their hard work.

Financial Struggle

Great Britain Deaf  Football requires an average of £25,000 to send a Great Britain Deaf Football Squad (Men, Women and Under 21) to the Deaflympics, World Cup and European tournaments respectively.  The cost stated covers the participation of the said tournament alone which could come to £50,000 if Men and Women are competing in the same tournament. This does not include the cost of preparation training weekends and any qualification costs incurred to participate those tournaments. Historically, the Deaflympics, World Cup and Europeans have proved to be a financial struggle; with players raising majority of the funds by organising a numerous of fundraising events and relying on charitable donations from the public, friends and families to enable the squad to compete.

Great Britain Deaf Football represents UKDS in the above competitions. Further details on UKDS efforts to obtain more funding for Deaf elite athletes from the Government can be found on www.ukdeafsport.org.uk.

There are just giving pages for each of the squads that would very much welcome donations:

Would you like to help fundraise for Great Britain Deaf Football?

Please do get in touch with us if you:

  • Would like to donate money?
  • Holding a fundraising event for our cause?
  • Make Great Britain Deaf Football your charity for the year?
  • Would like to do a sponsored run, walk, swim for us?
  • Have your own idea how to raise money for us.

Sponsorship or Charitable Donations:

Tailor made sponsorship packages are available to anyone who would be interested in sponsoring Great Britain Deaf Football. If you are interested in this or if you would like to make a charitable donation, we would be delighted to help with this. Please contact the GB Deaf Football Chair on gbdfchair@gmail.com